cellstratML – Vision

Object Detection

Detect objects such as persons, animals, vehicles, monuments, nature elements, public structures etc.

Includes Face Detection and Object Identification algorithms.

Object Detection

Image Generation

Generate real-like images.

Trained models to generate images of retail products, faces, monuments, structures, nature scenes, animals or any other visual objects !


Image Classification

Sitting on a lot of images or videos ? Wish to determine what the image or video contains ?

Use the cellstratML image classification model to determine the content of those  images !


Image Captioning

Automatically generate captions for your images and video frames !

Trained models decipher the contents of an image and generate nice text for them.

Image Captioning

Style Transfer

Yearning for a Picasso !

Generative Models mix and match styles for you, automatically !

Feeling like a Picasso yet ? This API can  enable incredible new designs in retail, fashion or even product design.

Style Transfer