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10 Things : Must For Any Online E-commerce Website

From the physical store meant for selling goods to customer face to face, a new trend arrived in India from 2000, converting this physical store to online store called E-commerce Model. The basic model remained the same, selling goods to end customers, but as the time passed new innovations were meant to be done in the Online E-commerce on seeing the cut throat competition in the market. And today, the competition is such that it takes just 5 seconds to lose your one customer.

Here are the some factors that reflects the customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty to your E-commerce Web-portal:

1. Loading Speed Of Website - Seriously, no one wants the user to wait for 20-30 secs to open the home page of the website, it should be within 5 secs. If the first loading takes too long, there is 75% chances that your customer will switch on to another website looking for same product. Make the technical changes for increasing the loading speed.

2. Replicate Same On All Devices - You may think that once you’ve created website then you’re done, but you are pretty much wrong. The world is now accepting Smartphones, Mobiles, Tablets compared to Desktop & Laptops. If your website don’t response well on above devices, your customer is gone, first impression is the last impression.

3. Look & Feel, UI - Though you are very professional in business terms, but don’t be too professional in developing the website that has no good look and feel. The User Interface is also one thing that interacts with end customers while purchasing the product, after all your end users are youngsters and ladies, in most cases. Enhance the product images to give a 3-D effect, 360 degree views, close material view, great zoom, easy navigation, etc.

4. Easy Checkout Page - Most of them consider it as a negotiable issue, but if a customer has made his/her cart and your checkout page takes 4-5 clicks to finish whole transaction, customer will not be interested to purchase from you next time. Make the checkout page as one page itself or at least use advanced tech to avoid more user clicks while checkout process.

5. Shipping, Returns, T&C, Privacy Policy - This things can be similar in most of the websites, most of the customers may not even read it while purchasing, but this is the thing that creates trustworthiness in customer’s mind. Clarify each and every statement in the all above things, so that in future customer feels to keep bank upon you, make him think before purchasing on above topics.

6. Various Payment Methods & Options - Understanding the customer behavior is a headache in online shopping, you don’t know what he’ll purchase, how he’ll purchase, etc. Give all possible options to customer in terms of Payment Options, you never know customer is related to which bank or which card customer is having. Also include COD as one of the payment option, most of them opts this option itself and thereby gaining loyalty from the customer for the next purchase.

7. Social Media Integration - 94% of the world population that can’t live without using Social Media in their daily life. Allow users to share their views about your website to their friends, colleagues, mates, etc. Let them comment about your product, getting likes on what they really like, collecting this data helps you to determine some what customer’s behavior.

8. Customer Service & Feedback - E-commerce means dealing with end-customers(mostly) daily and lacking to provide excellent customer service will make you fall from mountain. Fulfill any customer demand, have it 24/7 functionality, accept and react on their feedback, it can be positive or negative too. As hotel manager servers you as his customer, same would be for you in online customers.

9. Related Products - Want to increase the sales directly by customer, try to integrate the related products section in products view page. This concept will make customer more eager to purchase other related products and thereby increasing your sales. Even if he doesn’t buy it, he’ll at least inform his colleagues about the product. One view to customer is enough attract for that product.

10. Search Capability - What if customer didn’t find he came for to your site, do you have proper search functionality to satisfy his demand? Search makes easier for any customer who came directly to your website for letting him search and get what he came for. Even filtering mechanism should be integrated based on many attributes like color, size, brand, material, etc.

Above were the 10 most critical issues that has to be there, even some them attributes are there which are covered above, like, having proper categories & sub-categories, comparing items, wishlist, etc. Somehow these are very common that now a days most of them are implementing, but above 10 were mostly neglecting.


July 18th, 2013

Bank Transaction made easy Mobile Apps for Smart Phones

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s largest foreign bank recently unveiled a suite of Mobile Banking Applications for three platforms – Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Citibank’s latest move enables both its credit card and bank clients to access their accounts and complete a range of banking transactions using their preferred smartphones.

“Technology has made banking services omnipresent. Our investment in these platforms is in line with our commitment to continue to drive innovation in the banking industry, where we already enjoy a strong track record of success,” quoted by Sergio Zanatti, Consumer Business Manager for Citibank in the Philippines.

 “This launch bolsters our claim that Citi services are available to our clients anywhere and anytime, now through whichever communication channel they prefer – be it landline or mobile phone, smart phone or Internet,” added Zanatti.

The Mobile Apps allow bill payments, fund transfers, even Rewards points’ redemption.  But Zanatti expects users to welcome the new features that include instant access to Citibank offers, exclusive dining and shopping deals in nearby establishments or at a specific location, as well as bank branches and ATM locator in the Philippines and around the world.

Zanatti said, “We expect clients to be very excited about the real time offers that we can quickly upload and share with them using these Apps.  We are investing in the latest technology to deliver relevant offers to our clients and when they need them”.

To download the app on Android phones, go to the Marketplace application and search for Citibank Philippines. Select Citibank PH from the results list then click download. Once successful, the Citi Mobile icon will appear on the phone’s home screen.

For iPhone users, go to App Store and search for Citibank Philippines. Select Citibank PH then click install. The Citi Mobile icon appears on the home screen after installation. This can also be installed in the iPod Touch.  All Citi Mobile Apps are free to use and download.

Zanatti said as newer technologies were rolled out, banking becomes highly accessible and increasingly flexible for everyone. “Citi will be providing customers with the latest technology as we continue to enhance and facilitate service. We want to be the leading digital bank, here in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.” 

(Source: BBC)

March 29th, 2012

Tickets, travel services & games top mobile shoppers’ lists

Mobile shoppers are still a minority among worldwide consumers, but already a significant minority in developed countries like USA, Japan etc. And understanding how these early adopters are shopping via their mobile phones can help retailers prepare for the growing consumer adoption of mobile commerce.

Consumers are using their smartphones for shopping, although most are not executing purchases through the devices. Other shopping activities, however, may lead to purchases elsewhere, either at stores or via another form of e-commerce. Movie tickets and travel services are found to be among the most popular offerings explored via mobile.

Paypal already did a business worth $750 million last year and they expect to do a whooping $3 billion worth of business over mobile devices this year.  These figures already prove that mobile payments are fast taking over consumer’s mind across the world.

While not all of them may be buying products and services directly through a mobile phone, they are using the devices to shop in ways that can lead to purchases in stores or through e-commerce & m-commerce sites. In five years time, estimates say that mobiles will command at least 10% of  e-commerce payments.

Examples of the kinds of payments that mobile will command among the above 10% e-commerce payments could be:

  1. Retails of Point of Sale: It is when consumers buy at the cash counters in retails stores using their devices. But, it requires lot of back end integration on retailers part and lot of education would also be needed to change the consumer mindset to adopt the same. This is being done by large companies like Metro retails markets.
  2. Mobile point of sale: This is when a merchant does’nt have a fixed point of sales and wants to be able to charge at any point he is, like in trade exhibitions, road side demos, events etc. This is being tried and tested by even small companies like New Delhi (India) based Mobivite, an event hosting company that provide mobile front end for all the event info. They are trying to stabilize the mobile payment options for their customer’s event’s audience. iXigo, MakeMyTrip & Cleartrip being other large travel companies with their respective mobile apps and enjoying in-app purchases by their customers on mobiles.
  3. Unattended point of sale: these may be in transit or in vending machines. Coke had earlier tried it with some vending machines in the developed world. It’s also quiet prevalent in hi-tech countries like Japan where people are always running to and fro from their offices. It was tried by a retail chain of super stores by placing QR coded posters, the exact copies of how food looks like in their store shelves. People were able to scan the code with their mobile phones and order groceries right out of that store while standing on stations waiting for their trains.

Japanese and Korean youth is famous for being heavy buyers of virtual goods through gaming and other apps on their mobile phones.

(Source: Brief excerpts from MMA & Mobile Payments Outlook)

August 5th, 2011

Union Bank of India to Improve M-banking Platform

Union Bank of India is adding new services to its mobile payment platform Umobile. New services will include fund intra-bank transfers to any account, money transfer to accounts of other banks, shopping, ticketing, bill payments, etc.

June 8th, 2009