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Bank Transaction made easy Mobile Apps for Smart Phones

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s largest foreign bank recently unveiled a suite of Mobile Banking Applications for three platforms – Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Citibank’s latest move enables both its credit card and bank clients to access their accounts and complete a range of banking transactions using their preferred smartphones.

“Technology has made banking services omnipresent. Our investment in these platforms is in line with our commitment to continue to drive innovation in the banking industry, where we already enjoy a strong track record of success,” quoted by Sergio Zanatti, Consumer Business Manager for Citibank in the Philippines.

 “This launch bolsters our claim that Citi services are available to our clients anywhere and anytime, now through whichever communication channel they prefer – be it landline or mobile phone, smart phone or Internet,” added Zanatti.

The Mobile Apps allow bill payments, fund transfers, even Rewards points’ redemption.  But Zanatti expects users to welcome the new features that include instant access to Citibank offers, exclusive dining and shopping deals in nearby establishments or at a specific location, as well as bank branches and ATM locator in the Philippines and around the world.

Zanatti said, “We expect clients to be very excited about the real time offers that we can quickly upload and share with them using these Apps.  We are investing in the latest technology to deliver relevant offers to our clients and when they need them”.

To download the app on Android phones, go to the Marketplace application and search for Citibank Philippines. Select Citibank PH from the results list then click download. Once successful, the Citi Mobile icon will appear on the phone’s home screen.

For iPhone users, go to App Store and search for Citibank Philippines. Select Citibank PH then click install. The Citi Mobile icon appears on the home screen after installation. This can also be installed in the iPod Touch.  All Citi Mobile Apps are free to use and download.

Zanatti said as newer technologies were rolled out, banking becomes highly accessible and increasingly flexible for everyone. “Citi will be providing customers with the latest technology as we continue to enhance and facilitate service. We want to be the leading digital bank, here in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.” 

(Source: BBC)

March 29th, 2012

Why mobile is a different mass media channel, and what makes it unique???

Seven unqiue abilities of the mo bile have been known for some time now…just to remind all of you…following are those seven:

1st unique ability – mobile is personal
2nd unique ability – mobile is permanently carried
3rd unique ability – mobile is always on
4th unique ability – mobile has a built-in payment channel
5th unique ability – mobile is available at the point of creative impulse
6th unique ability – mobile is most accurate at measuring its audience
7th unique ability – only mobile can capture the social context of consumption

Now we have the 8th unique ability. only mobile can offer augmented reality. Its discovery is credited to Raimo van der Klein of Layar the Augmented Reality browser, out of the Netherlands, which (Layar that is) is currently just about the hottest story in all of the mobile telecoms industry.

Now, just in case you happened not to know exactly what is this augmented reality, let me give two quick examples, both from Layar. First is their browser, and it illustrates ‘media content’ perfectly. You need to have a cameraphone for augmented reality – and two thirds of all phones on the planet are cameraphones. Usually that is not enough, like Layar itself requires also that you have a smartphone such as an Android operating system smartphone. But AR definitely requires a cameraphone. How does Layar work? You point your cameraphone at some view in your city. The normal view in the cameraphone screen is that of the city. Then you turn on Layar. You still see the city, but superimposed upon the image, are specific dots with further information – here is a Pizza Hut, here is a cash machine, here is the nearest toilet, here is the museum, this apartment is for sale, etc. To do this type of ‘augmented reality browser’ the phone needs both the GPS for precise location-positioning, and the compass ability, so the phone ‘knows’ in which direction you are pointing the cameraphone. You cannot have the dot of the Pizza Hut above the McDonald’s… Note that the ‘media content’ here is the dot that is only visible in your cameraphone screen – and then we can add information – click here to get a coupon for the museum, or click here to see the menu and prices at the restaurant, etc.

It is the same concept as fighter pilots have had for many years now, where when they look out of the cockpit, and see the view outside, the clouds and sky, and they see a couple of other jet fighters, the computerized radar and plane tracking systems of the modern jet fighter, will put little green circles around those fighter planes who are on your side, and little red circles around the fighters who are your enemies. This way, as you maneouver doing rapid turns of 6 G’s, twisting in the sky, you don’t accidentially start to shoot at your own guys. Like very many innovations in our consumer lives, this – augmented reality – found its first uses in the military. But now we have it in our phones.

What can we do with it now? The opportunities are almost endless. We can expect many games in this area, like hunting for ghosts perhaps or UFO’s as AR is very suited for showing things that do not exist in reality. It could be used to show new buildings what they look like in their intended habitat, before they are built, or as various options are considered. The beauty is that you can create 3 dimensional images that you can then ‘walk around’ and see from all sides, as is now being used in innovative ad campaigns such as Ford doing for some of its cars. And we can well imagine AR used in museums, so if you see Churchill’s desk in the real world, you could then use your cameraphone to see the Prime Minister sitting at his desk. Or you could see the bones of a dynosaur, and then through AR, see the same dinosaur but what it looked like with its skin and in its habitat. The opportunities are endless – what of the historical church, that was bombed in the war. Its been restored now, but through your cameraphone, with AR, you could see the church how it looked after the bombing, and see a recreation of the restoration perhaps…

(Source: Communities Dominate Brands)

December 21st, 2009