About Cell Life

Cell Life is the convergence of technology, media, mobility and user experience. It is the place where the CellStrat (www.cellstrat.com) team can provide insights into the latest mobile and technology trends, corporate technology strategy and consumer technology evolution.

CellStrat is a leading-edge mobile solutions, systems integration and management consulting firm. It specializes in strategy, platforms and applications related to mobile and telecom offerings, systems integration and web infrastructure. CellStrat consultants works with senior management in innovative firms as consultants and advisors helping create and execute business strategy related to technology, mobile and media penetration. CellStrat works in industries as diverse as mobile / telecom service provider, media/advertising, retail and manufacturing, high-tech and financial services.The company is backed by seasoned management, technology and telecom experts who have years of expertise advising clients on IT strategy, creating sophisticated software solutions for some of the leading firms around the world as well as advising clients on complex outsourcing engagements.

CellStrat specializes in the following areas :
1. Mobile marketing and mobile advertising strategy and solutions including proximity marketing and location based contextual marketing services.
2. Mobile application development including mobile CRM, mobile workforce management etc.
3. Technology Strategy and Management Consulting services
4. Software Development, Systems Integration and Outsourcing Strategy

To learn more, visit CellStrat website at www.cellstrat.com or contact us via email contact@cellstrat.com.