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MMA India, Local Council gets it’s leaders

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 elected Kunal Bajaj, Managing Director, BDA Connect, and Rajiv Hiranandani, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Mobile2Win – Altruist as the Co- Chairs for India Local Council, which was launched last month with an aim to encourage the growth of mobile marketing and allied technologies in the country.

June 30th, 2009

Chennai sees a flurry of activities in telecom space

Chennai in India is having flurry of activities. Recently, Reliance launched it’s GSM services starting from Chennai and at the same time UAE based telecommunications service provider Emirates Telecommunications or Etisalat has quietly begun work on its entry into the Indian market, by setting up a back office operations centre at the India Land Properties’ IT park.

June 29th, 2009

Why People Do Not Buy An iPhone

The NPD Group said today the primary reason why consumers do not want to buy an iPhone was “lack of interest” (55 percent), and close on its heals was “high price (42 percent).”

For Indians, high pricing is the prime reason and then comes ease in use.

June 24th, 2009

Australians use SMS for announcements…

According to a survey commissioned by Australian telco, Telstra, one in three said they choose SMS to communicate major life events – compared to using the phone, email or social networking sites. Whereas Indians still don’t pay heed to incoming SMS and most people above 35 years of age don’t even know how to send sms. What an irony….

June 23rd, 2009

Highlights of 3G in India

1) Consensus on fixing base price of 3G airwaves at 4,040 Crores.

2) Ernst & Young’s Mr.Prashant Singhal say that with this pricing only 6 of the biggest Indian telecom players will be able to offer these services.

3) Hiked base price of 3G suggests that base price for WiMAX has also been hiked and doubled to Rs.2,020 Crores.

4) With this 3G pricing, telecom companies may restrict their services to metros and category A circles only.

June 21st, 2009

Europe’s BLYK set to enter India

First world’s biggest, America’s ADMOB entered and now Europe’s fully ad supported MVNO, BLYK is all set to launch in India. Operators and mobile advertising companies around the world are trying aggressively for launching their operations in India as per their expansion plans. Market is huge (as per our CellStrat Annual India Mobile Media Survey) as 53% of the top executives in Indian companies feel that mobile yet to become a mass media channel for advertising, mobile TV etc. as is clear from the graph below:

when will Mobile Media become a Mass Market

Text-based ads are already being used and preferred by 50% respondents well across Indian executive spectrum, while banner-based ads are preferred only by 24% respondents due to inadequate band width. Both text and banner ads are still a very young area calling for a lot of improvement still. However, we are increasingly seeing creativity with mobile texts (with SMS 2.0 coming in), banners and sponsorships.

Video pre-roll and post-roll, and ad-funded content are starting to emerge. Volume is limited both in terms of current audience and advertising, but this is increasing and will continue to do so rapidly over the next few years. 3G will play a huge role in the same.

Bothese companies AdMob and BLYK will be successful if we go with the statistics from the CellStrat Annual India Mobile Media Survey report as 59% executives believe that mobile advertising works while 24% are not sure if it actually does as quiet a few of these don’t use any mobile analytics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Thus, with world reknowned companies entering India, future of mobile media is bright.

June 13th, 2009

Airtel named best service provider in Asia-Pacific

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecom service providers, has been adjudged the best service provider in the Asia-Pacific region by telecom research and consultancy firm Frost and Sullivan.

The company has bagged top honours for overall service quality and has been adjudged the service provider of the year in the “Best of the Best” category, Airtel said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The awards recognise Bharti Airtel’s commitment to technology and business innovation, and globally benchmarked quality of services,” said Manoj Kohli, chief executive and joint managing director of Airtel.

With regards to carrier choice in Indian, Airtel is the largest overall Indian wireless carrier with more then 100 million subscribers, and it is most popular in the corporate segment too. Airtel is used by 47% of Indian executives as their wireless carrier and Vodafone is close behind with 38% respondents using it as their primary carrier for business purposes. This is as per our recently concluded CellStrat Annual India Mobile Media Survey Report. Corporate Market share of other carriers is also clear in the below chart.


June 12th, 2009

Kodak mobile advertising campaign in India sees 1.7 percent CTR

Kodak executives wanted to increase the customer base of the brand’s Kodak Express photo processing outlets in India, so they turned to mobile advertising.

The company conducted a month-long mobile advertising campaign based on an opt-in survey and a call-to-action to visit its Kodak Express outlets. To incentivize participation, Kodak offered prizes to those who entered such as a 2GB iPod Nano or a 1GB memory card.

“The mobile campaign was a sort of experiment—promoting Kodak to people with camera phones,” said CEO of the Singapore based advertising company. “The goals were to increase footfalls to the Kodak Express outlets in India and to consolidate user profile and behavior understanding from Kodak Express users.”

(Source: Mobile Marketer)

June 11th, 2009

India Second largest market for CDMA

India has come out to be the second largest market for CDMA. I personally did’nt used to like it much until I started using the high speed wireless broadback datacard service provided by Tata Indicom recently. Earlier datacards used to just give 144kps speeds which wee merely used. Now Tata Indicom provides speeds anywhere in the range of 500kbps to 3.1mbps. I have simply fallen in love with this product and planning to completely replace my home wired broadband connections with this product. Now, I am able to view on line videos etc. with ease and on the move. No wonder CDMA technology has dominated the telecom world and now India stands at second position in the world market in CDMA.

June 10th, 2009

Union Bank of India to Improve M-banking Platform

Union Bank of India is adding new services to its mobile payment platform Umobile. New services will include fund intra-bank transfers to any account, money transfer to accounts of other banks, shopping, ticketing, bill payments, etc.

June 8th, 2009

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